Busting Common Myths

myth 01
Wallpapers peel off easily
Bust : The adhesive that is used to apply Stenna wallpapers on the walls are water-based, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Since wallpapers start peeling from the edges, the professionally-trained installers securely apply the wallpaper and ensure that it’s done in a way where the edges are secure.
myth 02
Wallpapers gather dust easily
Bust : Stenna wallpapers have been carefully designed so as to repel dust, since there are no horizontal spaces where dust can potentially collect. Thereby giving your home and your walls a fresh look and a long life.
myth 03
Wallpapers are not washable
Bust : They are equipped to undergo any stain like food, drinks, crayons, etc. and these stains can simply be cleaned off of them using just soap, water and a sponge. Since vinyl is used to make Stenna wallpapers, they are assuredly 100% washable.
myth 04
Wallpapers don’t have a good range
Bust : Any vibe, colour, pattern, or style, you can think of - we've got it. Choose from over 1200 options ranging from damask, floral, geometric, abstract, nature and stone textures and patterns to inflect your home with tasteful flair. Time to experiment!
myth 05
Wallpapers are expensive
Bust : Stenna wallpapers are created for everybody. We have an excitingly affordable range perfect for your home. As Stenna provides an end-to-end solution for wallpaper, our costs cover purchase, adhesives, installation, labour, etc. This means that Stenna wallpapers are ultimately the most cost-effective way to redecorate your home.
myth 06
Wallpapers suit only special surfaces
Bust : The wallpapers that Stenna makes can easily integrate with the walls of your home, as long as they are smooth, uniform and absorb water. Glass and metal are not compatible with wallpapers since they do not absorb water.
myth 07
Wallpapers are a fire hazard
Bust : In case of a fire, the wallpapers will get charred. But they stop the fire from spreading to the rest of the house, even if they are applied on a wooden surface. These wallpapers are not a fire hazard.
myth 08
Wallpapers react easily to moisture/humidity
Bust : Stenna wallpapers are averse to moisture since they are made of vinyl, making them a lot more resistant and durable against humidity than paint. The walls must not have leakage. If they do, an arrangement of an artificial wall of cement must be kept an inch from the actual wall.
myth 09
Wallpapers promote the heating of a room
Bust : Stenna wallpapers promote cooling more than paint does, since they are made of vinyl which resists admission of heat into the room. Hence, wallpapers are ideal during summers for combatting heat from outside entering the house.
myth 10
Wallpapers don’t have durability
Bust : Stenna wallpapers are made with PVF which gives the wallpapers high endurance. Along with this, Stenna offers a year of warranty guaranteeing a long lifespan.