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Why be boring when you can be truly remarkable. The ease and robust nature of wallpapers makes choosing wallpapers a great idea. The world is shifting towards wallpapers.
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Warranty And

Our wallpapers come with a backing that allows you to be more experimental. We promise to stand by in case of any trouble shoot that is required from purchasing to installing to removing or repairing.

No Harmful Chemicals

As opposed to most paints in the market, our wallpapers do not use any harmful chemicals with the paper or inks used.

Professional Wallpaper Installation


Stenna Wallpaper Company prides itself with the Best Eco-friendly products in the world

By establishing a new factory, Stenna wallpaper adopted a water-based ink applying production process for PVC and Duplex wallpaper for the first time in India and is fulfilling advanced eco-friendly management.

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Providing Everything You Need

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making your home look beafutiful. We have got you covered with our best interior design consultants, wall repair experts and color enthusiasts. We offer nothing less than the BEST

Adhesive For Indian Walls

We have manufactured a wallpaper adhesive especially for Indian walls. It gives immediate grab, gives enough working time, so that the sheet can be repositioned appropriately. Easy to wipe off excess glue. Tools and hands can be easily cleaned using water.

3 years peel off warranty

We are happy to come and fix any issues that you are currently facing with respect to your wallpaper furnishings. Give us a call on +91 99715 75710 and our team will be happy to do a visit and redo any damages even if the services have been provided to you by a different vendor.

8 Hours Installation

Book an appointment and clear all your doubts when it comes to style, durability and choices that you have with Stenna. We are here to declutter your decor process. Our wallpaper experts are available for a free of cost and in-depth consultation from Monday to Friday between 11 AM to 6 PM.

Techniques that set Stenna Wallpapers apart

World Class Manufacturing Facility

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Colour & Callibration

Color is one of our greatest allies in the creative process. The Stenna wallpapers come with the assurance of accuracy from capture to export, consistently is the key and we understand the hues and how they fit with your design theory. Our teams work day in and out to achieve results that are both mesmerizing and long lasting.

Embossing Roller

At Stenna we take immense pride in our embossing technology which has been adopted in tandem with our European counterparts - this technique focuses on designs created by global artisans and are completely handcrafted. So even though our machines and technologies are advanced at heart we have humans reflecting and creating designs that are changing the way India looks at wallpapers.

PVC & Paper Quality

Paper or paper with a vinyl film is often the material used as wallpaper for the home. It is easy to put up, clean and is even removable. This paper also hides wall imperfections. Embossed wallpaper is another great option, where texturing allows for hiding scratches and imperfections on the wall. In such situations, the quality of the paper and GSM strength plays a vital role. All the paper used at Stenna is of the highest quality which ensures powerful results.

Stenna Customer’s Reviews

good range . specifically forena Catalog is awesome for me .. bcz my wife and my child .. are happy.. when these guy's see my new home wallpaper design...good .keep it up
Ali Idrish
One of the best wallpaper design available in stenna wallpaper catalogue.
Awesome design & colors
Naveen Kumar
Such a very good .... Invoairment with good vibes in office .. good staff. Awesome design..
special forenaa catalogue.. se 10
Ujjawal Pandey
Good service.. Marketing boy abhishek .. nature good.. very supportive.. near by me office location... I'm sitting in Sikanderpur.. Sharper image
Shiv Singh
It too good
Super quality
Marvelous service
We are happy with stenna brand
Tanweer Ahmad
It's to good
Good Material
Good Quality

Sunny Kumar

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